Batter Cakes' custom cakes are prepared by a highly skilled pastry chef and cake artist with an eye for detail and a passion for perfection and cake artistry. Our prices reflect the time, quality of ingredients, and love put into each and every Batter Cake!

Base pricing. Fondant work, floral decorations, and characters are an additional charge based on design

Buttercream Cakes

start at $5.25 per serving
Since I use only real butter and pure vanilla in my buttercream, the color will be a slight off white rather than bright white.

Full Fondant Cakes
start at $6.25 per serving


Structured 3D Cakes

start at $7.50 per serving

final price will be dependant on design and complexity of design. delivery is

strongly recommended 

with structured 3D cakes.

we also offer many 3D and semi 3D sculpted cakes 

 Standard Cupcakes
$30 per Dozen 

additional charges for fondant toppers and flavor upgrades

liquor infused not available in cupcakes


Cake Pops

Start at $30 per dozen

custom designs start at $36 per dozen

characters start at $54 per dozen

limit of 2 designs per dozen


Decorated Cookies

start at $36 per dozen 

Prices go up based on design, difficulty, and number of colors.

character cookies start at $6 each with a minimum of 4 per character and go up in accordance with the amount of detail and colors required. 

a lower cost alternative to custom decorated character cookies is edible image character cookies.  

Extra sheet cake

(when added to an order

for 100+ guests)
$4.25 per serving

Delivery and Setup
$0.60 per mile round trip 

(minimum delivery fee is $5)

there is also a $25 setup fee for dessert bars, large quantities of cupcakes/cake pops or anything larger than 4 tiers that requires on-site Assembly.


Serving Nashville area! Located in Castalian Springs.




Open by appointment only!






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